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  • Florida man dresses as Death to scare people off the beaches
  • nahyun | 2020.08.24 09:12
  • Florida man dresses as Death to scare people off the beaches



















    Why do you think this man is dressed like Death/The Grim Reaper?

    What would you do/think if you saw someone like this on the beach?



    A Florida lawyer is visiting beaches dressed as the Grim Reaper. He is calling on Gov. Ron DeSantis to make people wear masks. He says the governor must make people wear masks because masks work.

    Daniel Uhlfelder sued the state's Republican governor earlier this year. He says the governor prematurely opened beaches. Daniel has spent the last few weeks warning beachgoers of the coronavirus's rising danger

    In March he believed this virus would get very bad. He said unfortunately, his predictions have been worse than he expected.


    Florida is now has 6,336 new cases of Covid-19. Florida’s total is now 206,447 and 3,778 deaths.


    Daniel is targeting beaches because they are drawing people into the state from around the world. And this is increasing the number of people with coronavirus.


    Some beachgoers think Daniel is wrong. They think Daniels’ actions are a little bit much.


    Daniel says his main concern is not so much Floridian beachgoers. His main concern is the tourists who come from out of state.


    Try to guess the meaning of the words in bold and match them with their closest meaning from the choices in the right. Some of the answers are very close and have similar meaning. The meaning of these words is how they are used in the reading. Some of these words have different meanings in the dictionary depending on how they are used.

     The answers are below the table.


     calling on  A     1  Requesting for help, asking people to do some action 
     prematurely  B     2  sadly, bad luck 
     unfortunately  C     3  To attract people, to encourage people into doing something 
     predictions  D     4  To aim something at someone/something 
     targeting  E     5  The biggest worry or anxiety about the future 
     drawing people into   F     6  More than enough, this action is more than is needed in a strange or crazy way 
     a little bit much.  G     7  Someone says what they think will happen in the future 
     main concern  H     8  To do something/some action too early and before it is ready 

    A=1, B=8, C=2, D=7, E=4, F=3, G=6, H=5


    Some example sentences using the new words or phrases from the meaning of how they are used in the reading to help you understand better.


    1. We are calling on people to stay home. There is a big storm coming.

    2. The baby was born 2 months premature.

    3. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough money to pay for his education.

    4. Many people predict that he will become the next president.

    5. They are targeting young people who like to spend money on fashion.

    6. The music is drawing people into the bar.

    7. I think the price is too high. You are asking a little bit too much.

    8. Our main concern is that you can’t contact us. Your phone will not work in the mountains.


    Some questions using the new words/phrases. Try to use the words/phrases in your answer.



    1. What is unfortunate about the coronavirus?

    2. Who calls on people to wear masks in your country?

    3. Do you think opening the borders to Korea now is premature? Why or why not?

    4. What are your predictions about how the world will be in 2021?

    5. Who most needs to be targeted about wearing masks in your country? Why?

    6. If you own a cafe, what is the best way to draw people in? Who would you like to target?

    7. Do you agree that Daniel’s actions are a little bit much? Why or why not?

    8. What are your main concerns about coronavirus?

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