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  • How Coronavirus is changing dating
  • jskim | 2020.05.18 09:09
  • How Coronavirus is changing dating

    How do you think Coronavirus has changed dating?

    How important is touch in a relationship?


    Coronavirus has forced single people to return to old ways of wooing. This means single people have to get to know each other much better before touching. Relationships may flourish in the future because of this. So, how has Coronavirus helped love?

    When singles meet in person, they can feel obliged. Should I kiss him or her? What if they invite me back to their house?


    Money is off the table, too. On an in-person date, singles must decide who pays: Should we meet in a cheap cafe or an expensive bar? Must I offer to split the bill?


    Now singles are likely to share far more meaningful thoughts of fear and hope. Now they get to know each other faster than before through talking. Psychologists say that revealing our deeper feelings, attitudes and experiences increases loving closeness.. These things make couples’ relationships deeper and stronger.

    Theres a long-term payoff to this current lockdown: Its increasing the getting to know you” process. A hundred years ago marriage was the beginning of a relationship. Coronavirus has changed things into ‘slow love.’


    Try to guess the meaning of the words in bold and match them with their closest meaning from the choices in the right. Some of the answers are very close and have similar meaning. The meaning of these words is how they are used in the reading. Some of these words have different meanings in the dictionary depending on how they are used.

     The answers are below the table.

    A=8,  B=1, C=4,  D=2, E=7, F=5, G=3, H=6, I=4

    Some example sentences using the new words or phrases from the meaning of how they are used in the reading to help you understand better.

    1. He wooed her with a beautiful dinner and flowers.

    2. His learning was slow. But with the new piano teacher, his learning is really flourishing.

    3. You are obliged to come to class on time.

    4. That is too expensive. My offer to buy it is off the table.

    5. In ancient times, the man always paid for the date. But young people now like to split the bill.

    6. You have bigger muscles now. Your visits to the gym have made a meaningful change.

    7. That dress is very short. It reveals a lot.

    8. The payoff for hard work is that you earn more money.




    Some questions using the new words/phrases. Try to use the words/phrases in your answer.


    1. When you went on dates, how did you woo? How do you like to be wooed?

    2. What makes love flourish for you?

    3. What are the dating obligations in your country?

    4. Why would going on a second date be off the table for you?

    5. What is the attitude to splitting the bill in your culture? How is it different between younger and older generations?

    6. In a relationship, what actions are meaningful to increase your love?

    7. How much should you reveal about yourself on a first date?

    8. What actions have paid off well when you dated? For example, being a good listener paid off well, s/he said I was a good listener.

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