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  • Kim Jong-un flirted with Trump’s press secretary
  • nahyun | 2020.09.07 09:11


    Kim Jong-un flirted with Trump’s press secretary



    Why would Kim Jong-Un be interested in the press secretary?

    Do you think that Kim Jong-Un is interested in many women?


    President Donald Trump told his press secretary "take one for the team.” He said this after he heard that President Kim Jong-Un appeared to flirt with her.

    The incident happened during the 2018 North Korea summit in Singapore. This was the first time an American president and North Korean leader have ever met.

    Mr Trumps press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, wrote about the incident in her bookSpeaking for Myself.

    She wrote: We made direct eye contact and Kim appeared to wink at me.

    I was stunned. I quickly looked down and continued taking notes.

    All I could think was, What just happened? Did Kim Jong-un just do that!?’”
    The incident took place whilst Mr Trump and Kim were discussing sports. They were focusing on women
    s football.

    Later President Trump told Ms Sanders he thought Kim Jong-Un was making a pass.
    He said: Kim Jong-un hit on you.”

    He did! He really hit on you!
    Well Sarah, Youre going to North Korea and taking one for the team!
    Your husband and kids will miss you. But youll be a hero to your country!”
    After the president spoke Ms Sanders reports Mr Trump and his chief of staff
    howled with laughter.”


    Try to guess the meaning of the words in bold and match them with their closest meaning from the choices in the right. Some of the answers are very close and have similar meaning. The meaning of these words is how they are used in the reading. Some of these words have different meanings in the dictionary depending on how they are used.

     The answers are below the table.



     take one for the team  A      1  Some action such as an accident 
     flirt  B      2  Some event or action that surprises us so much that we stop and can’t believe what we are hearing or seeing 
     incident  C      3  To do something that you don’t want to do but it is for the help or benefit of all others 
     wink  D      4  An action that says to the other person you are interested in them in a romantic way  
     stunned  E      5  To  concentrate strongly on something 
     focusing  F      6  To make a loud noise sometimes in very loud and very strong laughter 
     making a pass  G      7  To close one eyelid quickly in a way to show you are interested in another person or to suggest something 
     howled  H      8  To act in a way to attract another person or people 


    A=3, B=8, C=1, D=7, E=2,  F=5, G=4, H=6


    Some example sentences using the new words or phrases from the meaning of how they are used in the reading to help you understand better.


    1. I did not want to work on Sunday but I had to take one for the team.

    2. She is flirting with you. Look at the way she keeps standing close to you.

    3. Be careful, there is an incident on the highway. Two cars had an accident.

    4. She winked at him to show she was interested.

    5. I was stunned when I learned that my high school teacher had died.

    6. We need to focus carefully on this information.

    7. He made a pass at her. He told her she was beautiful.

    8. The dog is howling at the moon.


    Some questions using the new words/phrases. Try to use the words/phrases in your answer.


    1. Why do you think Kim Jong-Un was focusing on Ms Sanders? Do you think this incident really 2. happened? What did you find interesting about the incident in today’s story?

    3. How do you think Ms Sanders felt when President Trump howled with laughter?

    4. Give an example of when someone should take one for the team? For example in a student group project or at work.

    5. Give some examples of how men and women flirt. Are they different?

    6. Do people wink at each other in your culture? If not, is there a similar body language action?

    7. Tell about a time you were stunned to hear something?

    8. If you like someone, how would you make a pass to them?

    9. What makes people you know howl with laughter?

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